Community Management Update

February 8, 2022

DMB Community Life is Now Cohere!

DMB Community Life, the company that the Baseline Community Association Board has retained for Baseline’s community management services, has a new name: Cohere.

Cohere means to stick together, to be united. At its foundation, our company’s work is driven by our intention to bring people together to work in partnership. At Cohere, our purpose remains unchanged. Our on-the-ground team will continue to collaborate with Baseline residents and deliver the high service levels to which you’re accustomed. This new brand empowers our team with authentic and relevant language to explain our mission more clearly and accurately: Cohere creates places and cultivates relationships that inspire people to find purpose, live authentically, and thrive together.

Please note: our company will continue to operate as DMB Community Life until April 1, 2022.

Q: What does this change mean?
A: In addition to our new and meaningful company name, we also have a new logo, color palette, and more clear language in how we define ourselves and the work we do. But, simply speaking, “our packaging is changing” – what we do and who we are is not.

You’ll continue to work with the same great Cohere team members you work with today and can reach us at our regular locations and phone numbers. Our email addresses are changing on Friday, February 12, 2022, to “” but emails sent to our old addresses will be forwarded (please consider adding our new email addresses to your contact list).

Q: Why did Cohere make these changes?
A: This year, we celebrate our 5th anniversary, and we are stronger than ever. This milestone provides a terrific opportunity to showcase our strength and stability, focus on what makes us unique, and set the stage for our future. We are proud of our history; this rebranding gives us a fresh opportunity to tell our story.

Q: When does the company’s name change take effect?
A: Our legal name change takes effect on April 1, 2022. Until then, we will continue to operate as DMB Community Life.

Q: Will there be company leadership and staff changes due to this change?
A: No. This rebranding is not a result of an acquisition or merger. Our company leadership and structure will remain the same.

Q: How long has the company been working on these changes?
A: We began this thoughtful process in 2019 and engaged with an outside agency that is an expert in this work. Now, in 2022, we are very excited about the unveiling of our new and meaningful brand that confidently and beautifully articulates who we’ve been all along.

Q: Will there be changes to the communities Cohere works with as a result of this change?
A: We will continue to work with the outstanding communities we work with today. We do anticipate that our new brand will be more accessible and as a result may attract more partnerships.

Our commitment to people and places, and our values-based approach that make us unique and exceptional, will remain. We’re energized by this change and look forward to working hand-in-hand with you to bring the life-changing power of community to Baseline.