Earth Day is an annual event, held every April 22, to demonstrate worldwide support for environmental protection. Here at Baseline, we demonstrate that support each and every day. By design, our community creates and protects sustainable habitats for wildlife and humans. Each of us — developer, builder, commercial partners, and residents — play a role.

We are guided by 3 principles — environmental stewardship, healthy living, and innovation. You see these principles playing out in:

While many of these Earth-protecting initiatives are lead by Baseline’s developer, McWhinney, there are many ways for residents to support and lead this vision as well.

  1. Maintain your front yard flower beds
    These pollinator-friendly beds contain thoughtfully chosen plants that support butterflies, bees, and other essential pollinators in Northern Colorado
  2. Submit your landscape and other exterior modification plans for review
    Read the residential design guidelines, then submit your application to Baseline’s Design Review Committee. Think of them as a second pair of eyes ensuring your plans support this community’s pollinator habitat.
  3. Recycle
    Toss old papers and cans into your recycling bin. Producing recycled white paper creates 74% less air pollution and 35% less water pollution than producing paper from virgin fibers. Using recycled cans instead of extracting ore to make aluminum cans produces 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution.
  4. Use cloth rags
    Before you reach for another sheet of Brawny or Bounty, try using a cloth rag instead. No need to buy them, cut old bath towels into cleaning rags.
  5. Walk, bike to the grocery store
    Take advantage of sidewalks and our close proximity to King Soopers, and remember your reusable shopping bags.
  6. Set up your Mason Bee house
    Included in your Welcome gift from your Baseline Community Life Team, place this little red house in an area protected from high winds that receive south or southwest sun exposure to keep these non-stinging bees warm in the winter.
  7. Have fun with nature
    Try a few of these Earth-friendly activities: hang flowers on your neighbor’s door on May Day, create daisy chains and crowns, make a bee and butterfly bath, go on a pollinator scavenger hunt or create your name in grasses, pebbles and flowers.

Enjoy Baseline. It’s our intention that as it grows, so will the harmony between nature and people.