One of the tricky concepts to learn in a Colorado master-planned community is who is responsible for snow removal and where their responsibility starts and ends.

Snow removal is a community collaboration that includes homeowners, the Baseline Community Association (BCA), the Baseline Metro District (The Districts), and the City of Broomfield. Here’s how it breaks down:

The City of Broomfield
They clear Baseline’s priority streets and sidewalks along Sheridan Avenue. If you are new to Colorado, it may surprise you to wake up on a snowy morning to see your street isn’t plowed. Here, cities do not typically clear snow from every street. For budgetary reasons, they only clear priority streets. If you’d like to learn more about the city’s snow removal plan and which streets are priorities, check out their route map.

The Districts
The Districts plow 3 main streets in the community: Alcott Way, Shoshone Street, and Umatilla Place. (Note: This is a change from the 2021 snow season.) Their trigger depth for snow removal is 2 inches post-storm. Typically, snow removal starts shortly after the storm ends. If you have more questions about The Districts’ snow removal plan, please contact their management company, Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc, at

You are responsible for your apron and the sidewalks bordering your property. The apron is the “short driveway” or area between your garage door and the alleyway. Let’s face it, after most storms there won’t be much, if anything, to remove. But, after heavy snowfall or drifting snow, any accumulation along your sidewalks, apron, and against your garage door will be your responsibility to clear.

So, what is the BCA’s role? Well, in 2021 it paid for The District to remove snow from sidewalks adjacent to residential property and in alleyways. However, our role in snow removal is changing in 2022, watch here for updates.