Butterfly Pavilion is already here

April 22, 2022

While their new state-of-the-art facility won’t open its doors until 2025, Butterfly Pavilion is already present at Baseline in ways you may not realize.

Pollinator Survey

Before construction broke ground, researchers from Butterfly Pavilion (BP) visited Baseline’s acreage to count the total number and varieties of pollinators that lived here. BP Horticulture Director Amy Yarger returns twice annually to recount them. Our shared goal is for more pollinators to exist at Baseline after it’s fully developed. This summer, you can meet Amy when she returns for the count. Watch for details in our May and June newsletters.

Design Review Guidelines & Committee

To help ensure pollinators thrive at Baseline, Butterfly Pavilion contributed to our community design guidelines and has a seat on our design review committee. BP’s invaluable guidance helps us establish low-water landscapes that prioritize native plants around our homes, parks, trails, and eventually, Baseline businesses. In doing so, we not only create sustainable, natural beauty in our urban community, but welcoming habitats for pollinators, too.

Citizen Science

As an international research center, the Butterfly Pavilion is involved with many studies observing pollinator habitats. You can help BP with two of these — the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project and the Great Sunflower Project. They will set up a special page on iNaturalist just for Baseline residents to record their pollinator sitings. The best time to record data is over the summer when Monarchs appear and sunflowers are blooming, so watch for more details in the coming months.

Pollinator of the Month

During the growing season, our favorite horticulturist, Amy Yarger, will teach us about butterflies, bees, and other Colorado pollinators in her monthly feature, Baseline’s Pollinator of the Month. This month, learn about one of the first butterflies to appear in the spring — the mourning cloak butterfly.

Community Events

Watch for Butterfly Pavilion tent on Honey Bee Day, August 20. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but trust us when we say you won’t want to miss this community event. BP will have live critters, crafts, and other interactive activities for the whole family.