Assessment FAQs

June 25, 2020

Your Baseline Community Association accounting team wants to make paying assessments as easy as possible for you. We sat down with the team to get feedback about why residents most often contact them. Here are the questions they’re most frequently asked.

When are my payments due?

Officially assessment payments are due the first day of each quarter. If you want to make sure you don’t get charged a late fee, make sure we receive it by then.

When do late fees kick in?

It’s important to note that if your payment does not post to your account by the 15th day of the quarter, you’ll incur a late fee on the 16th day. Whenever you mail a check or set up automated payments, make sure you take into account the time it takes for it to arrive by mail (yep, even your bank probably still mails us a check) and the time it takes for our bank to post it to your account. We suggest giving yourself a buffer of at least 10 days.

What are my payment options?

You’ll find all payment options on the assessments webpage.

How do I view my account info online?

Use VMS to access detailed information about your assessment account, like your payment history, outstanding balances, etc. It’s the system our accounting team uses, so it’s live data you’re looking at when you’re logged in. If you’ve never used VMS before, submit this form to request your log-in credentials.

Deed transer fees?

Deed transfers cost money and sometimes lots of it. To avoid the aggravation of an unplanned fee, email accounting before you change your deed in any way. They can tell you in advance if the transfer you’d like to make will generate a fee.

How do I contact accounting?

The best way to reach our accounting team is by email. Drop them a line at

They’re a small but efficient and effective team working to support lots of residents, and they want to make sure they get back to you in a timely manner.

When you send an email to, the team is able to quickly direct your question to the right person, thus ensuring you get the correct answer as quickly as possible.