Stay in Good Standing

To stay in good standing with the Baseline Community Association, Inc. (BCA), and to ensure ongoing access to all that Baseline has to offer—including our community facilities, programs, and events—it’s important for homeowners to pay quarterly assessments.

Assessments are due on the 1st day of January, April, July, and October. If your payment is not received and posted to your account by the 15th day of those months, you’ll incur a late fee on the 16th day.

When mailing a check or setting up automated payments, make sure you take into account the time it takes for your payment to arrive by mail plus the time it takes for our bank to post it to your account. We suggest giving yourself a buffer of at least 10 days.

Assessment & Fee Schedule

Mail assessment payments to:

Baseline Community Association, Inc.
PO Box 64685
Phoenix, AZ 85082

We do not take payments at our office.

Questions? Email

How to pay assessments

Let the BCA directly debit your account

The easiest way to ensure your assessment payments are paid on time and for the correct amount each quarter is via ACH direct debit. To set up ACH, simply log into your VMS account and follow the instructions below. Once established, we’ll debit your checking account between the 5th and 10th of each quarter.

Need a VMS log-in?

If you’ve never logged into VMS before, you’ll need to request VMS log-in credentials. When you log into VMS, you’ll also have access to view up-to-date assessment account info.

ACH set-up instructions

  1. Log into your VMS account.
  2. Select the “e-pay” tab from the left side menu.
  3. Select the “recurring” tab.
  4. Select “add ACH.”
  5. Review the disclaimer and select “ok.”
  6. Add your checking account information in the pop-up window. Be sure to double check your entry — entry errors will result in a return check fee of $25 per occurrence.
  7. Choose your next withdrawal date and save your entry.

Important notes about ACH:

Request a VMS Log-in

Set up automatic payments through your bank

Before you log in to your bank’s website or app to set up automatic payments, make sure you have your BCA account number ready. You can find it on your quarterly assessment statement. You’ll also need this payment address: Baseline Community Association, Inc., PO Box 64685, Phoenix, AZ 85082.

Payments must be posted to your BCA assessment account by the 15th of January, April, July, and October to avoid late fees. Schedule your payment delivery date at least 10 days prior to ensure enough time for mailing and processing.

How to access your assessment account info

Use VMS to access detailed information about your assessment account, like your payment history, outstanding balances, etc. It’s the system our accounting team uses, so it’s live data you’re looking at when you’re logged in. If you’ve never used VMS before, submit this form to request your log-in credentials.

Assessment FAQs